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Lodin Graskeggr of Myklebust.
Lodin Graskeggr of Myklebust, Nordfjord (The Northern fjord). Growing up on the coast of central west Norway, he left home joining a crew of adventurers as Lodin had little prospects as his fatherís second son. Lodinís early travels were up and down the west coast and Denmark, eventually traveling through out the North Sea to England then outwards, leap frogging to the Orkneys, Faroes. Slowly advancing from just a crew member he learned the merchantís trade through close observation of the captain he followed for most of his youth. From him and his mates Lodin acquired skills of the seaman and fighters along with the ability to survive through uncertainty. Eventually winning ownership of a small ship in a gambling game, Lodin was forced to dispatch the shipís owner to make the claim then held on to the boat purely by his youthful tenacity.

Through merchant trips and some piracy Lodin amassed a small amount of wealth but mostly advanced to owning two ships, replacing his first with a sounder, faster raider and acquiring a good sized Knarr. (Cargo. merchant ship.) With the Knarr he twice took later trips to Iceland. Lodinís last trip to sea took him into previously visited eastern coasts, further past Birka towards the lands of the Finns and Slaves. There Lodin almost lost all his wealth and health to sickness, recovering in time to salvage his life and return to Norway. However, after that, he found it better to manage his ships by hiring captain and crews.

Later the Knarr was lost to storms and the remaining raider stolen in what was likely a mutiny by unreliable crews. At that point Lodin returned to his boyhoodís fjord to live out his time on the families land, having repurchasing property lost and revitalizing a failing homestead. No longer plying the seas, now wresting a living by buying and selling goods off returning or passing ships, acting as an agent for younger men and crews. This was to supplement the homestead farm and restore itís economy.

It was a sad honor among the community as Lodin had little family and only stories of his youth. No man is so great if he has no kin. Lodin continually found it more difficult to meet the demands of aspiring neighbor chieftains and taxes of kings but was steadfast on saving his long gone brotherís family from ruin. You might have seen remnants of wealth but his clothes were getting tattered. Lodin was eventually laid to rest near the large mound of the Myklebust cheiftonís cremation boat burial that still stands today. Other graves scattered around the mound are adventurers and members of those who new Lodin, from childhood to his eventual passing.

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Lodin's Kit

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Birch Viking Chest Lodin's took box Etched Viking Axe Iron Fire Pit Tripod Items made of Bone and Horn Ship board bailer Lodin's Oseberg Bed The Oseberg Tent Frame Knives Lodin's made Chisels, Mallet and Drill Hedeby Sea Chest
  Lodin's personal Sea Chest Oseberg Storage Sea Chest Valkyrie Helmet Hand Forged Axes Drinking Horn Forged Iron Work
  Lodin's Belts and Trim Lodin's Furniture Lodin's woodenware Lodin's Kitchenware Lodin's Primitive Forge and Tools Lodin's Textile Tools Lodin's Tools of Commerce Viking Age Locks

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