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Fredia's Oseberg Bed

I started this project down loading everything I could find on the Oseberg Viking ship boat burial bed. One thing that I noticed, is that allot of books and websites show the bed with the picture reversed. Possibly at one time an editor reversed the negative to make the book flow better, and these pictures were copied by others over and over. You will find these "backwards" pictures all over and even on some of our most respected scholarly websites. Click Here to see a scan of the bed backwards. I included an insert reversing the picture to show the bed correctly.

Then while doing my web research, I came across a picture of the original left side and found out that the copy most people are familiar with is NOT what was found at the dig site. An explanation someone gave me, was that the original schematic drawings were made before the bed material was fully restored and the drawings had allot of supposition worked in. I suspect that now almost everyone including the archeological community assumes that they know what the bed looks like. But no one referring back to the original material. This is a problem, that when the wrong information gets out and is popularized it's SO hard to fix. (Excuse me, as I scratch under my horned helmet.)

The Left Headboard Side
Is this the picture of the original find or a different Oseberg bed? Note the differences....

The Right Headboard Sides And here is a picture of the original right side. This looks more like the modern copies.

The Right Headboard Sides Here you see the right headboard dragon being carved. You also see my cluttered shop. Amazing huh? .... I mean the clutter!

I am modifying the measurements and other details, so it won't be an absolute copy but... As evidence based, historical reenactors I believe we need to understand what is accurate and what is not. I have many items that are not, but I want to know which ones and why. Still, I'll use them until I can afford better. The Right Headboard Sides

The footboard is about done. At Fredia's request I shortened the dimensions of the side rails and balusters to make the bed fit better in her Viking tent. I lowered the bed to make it more useful to use while camping at demos and events.
It IS doubtful that the original bed and the tent were ever used together. The Oseberg ship burial, represented a bride/wife traveling to a new home and taking her household with.

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