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Una's Valkyrie Helmet
Valkyrie Helmet Tree (Una) our sexy Valkyrie. Valkyrie Helmet Valkyrie Helmet
Tree, (Una) asked me to make her a Valkyrie helmet. Fortunately another Fjellborg member had a "Viking" helm for sale for cheap that I could modify. The original helm was a goggle style helm with cheek plates and did not represent any REAL helmet of the Viking period.
Tree is much to pretty to hide behind goggles so I cut the bottoms of the "frames" off to make the helmet look like a "nasal" helm.
I also removed the cheek plates and installed a leather head harness.
I used flat salvaged brass to beat out the wings. The details were struck into the brass with a ball-peen hammer and a chisel made dull. Small feather detail was made with a small diameter round rod, punched from the back side.

It's worth noting that the idea of wings in helmets are mostly a Victorian concept, though there are Viking age illustrations of helmets with attachemts that look bird like. There are none that look like the modern Valkyrie winged helmet. Still, it's all fun.

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