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Fjellborg Vikings is a member of the US-Canadian group, Viking's Vinland, which is under the auspices of The Vikings-UK, the largest and oldest Viking age reenactor group in the world. As members of these organizations we require all of our members to pay an annual membership fee of $35, which is used to pay for event insurance and administrative costs. We do permit a grace period of three months or three meetings/events before potential members are required to pay the annual membership. Membership with Fjellborg will get you a deep immersion in Viking culture and way of life, as we are very supportive of each other in research, kit development and fight training. To dive right in, please join Meetup page and we will e-mail you with even more information!

We follow three basic rules:

1. Learn about the history of the Classic Viking Age, (basically 793AD ~ 1166AD)

2. Work towards authenticity in your personal kit. (It's a process!)

3. Have FUN! (If it quits being fun, then why do it?!!!)

To try out the Fjellborg Vikings - come to our meetings/events!

Craft Workshops (3rd Sunday of the month): Craft Workshops are a great way to build your kits (your Viking costume for events), shields and scabbards and learn about crafts and skills used by the Viking age people. Information on what is authentic for reenactment of Viking age and where it can be purchased or how it can be made will be provided during these workshops. Craft Workshops are organized by Lodin/Loren(lodinmyklebust at and Una/Anya(alyuksyu at

Fighter Practices (1st Sunday of the month): Fighter Practices train our warriors in the arts of safe combat with steel weapons of the Viking Age, such as axes, swords and spears. While we have some loaner equipment available, the individual members are responsible for purchasing their own weapons after the first year. The practices are organized by our combat leaders Agnar, Brice and Thorulf.  More detailed information on when and where the workshops/fighter practices are held is available on our Meetup page and the Fjellborg calendar.

Public Events, Demonstrations and Living History Camps: This is what it's all about! Here is were we have the most fun. All upcoming public events are listed on the front page of the Fjellborg website as well as on our Meetup page. As a potential member you can participate in civilian clothing during our events as an interpreter/helper - we'd love to have you! Once you are a full member and have passed Basic Kit Check you are welcome to participate in our events as a Viking.

See you at our events or one of our meetings!

Booking Fjellborg Vikings:

If you wish our group to provide a demonstration for your school, museum or public event, please go to this page for booking information.

Contact information:

Mailing address:
Fjellborg Vikings
6830 East Iliff Ave.
Denver CO 80224
Call (303) 753-1305
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