Hugin and Munin, the twin raven servants of Odin, are sent out each morning to report back in the evening of the happenings of the world.

Fjellborg Vikings

Regular Scheduled Meetings, Fighter Practice, Classes, Events and Lectures:

Event Schedule,

Interested in Vikings? All meetings and events are open to the public.

Check the calendar for Public Events where Fjellborg will be showing full displays of Viking age crafts, village life and live combat demonstrations.

Or if your interested in participating, come to our scheduled meetings, meet other members and learn to craft your own Viking age clothing, learn other skills using leather and metal or train in combat using sword, spear or axe!

Contact information: Call (303) 753-1305
Or e-mail Fjellborg
This page is subject to last minute changes.. always check before attending!

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The oldest and largest Dark Age reenactment society in the world.

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