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Getting the most from Fjellborg Vikings

First is our public website, which you are already on. Second, there is our email communications program called Denvervikings then lastly our core group "club" called the Fjellborg Longhouse.

Fjellborg Vikings website:
is were we provide these things:


We use a Yahoo-group, called "Denvervikings". for our email communication. (This name is an artifact from before when we realized that our group needed to be more inclusive to the needs of the entire state of Colorado.) We have since decided to also accept reader/participants from, not just all of Colorado but also all our neighboring states who have not yet organized their own Viking reenactor groups.

Through this Yahoo group, "Denvervikings", Vikings from all of Colorado can:

If you are a Colorado resident and wish to join in the dialog, click on this link, "Denvervikings" and you will be taken to the sign up page. (This invite is also extended to residents of UT, WY, AZ and NM.

Fjellborg Longhouse:

Colorado based Viking reenactors who wish to act as vanguards of our community and participate in the decision making, may either be asked or may solicit entry into the Fjellborg Longhouse.

Fjellborg Longhouse members have rights to vote on important issues and act as the core as pivotal members of Fjellborg. Official members who are current in their paid membership, also gain entry to our other Yahoo group, called "The Fjellborg Longhouse". On that email group we perform the functions of leadership roles and it serves as our "office". Membership in the Longhouse is NOT a requirement for participation in our events or to be on the Denverviking email list. Paid members are able to take part in special non public events or meetings and receive discounts unavailable for non-members.

Booking Fjellborg Vikings:

If you wish our group to provide a demonstration for your school, museum or public event, please go to this page for booking information.

Contact information:

Mailing address:
Fjellborg Vikings
6830 East Iliff Ave.
Denver CO 80224
Call (303) 753-1305
Or e-mail Fjellborg Vikings

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