Fjellborg Vikings

Items of the personal Kit belonging to Ket the Black:

  Here we have Ket's tunic. Made of blue dyed linen in the style of the Viborg tunic. Made by Una Ragnvaldsdottir from Haithabu, a large trading settlement in Denmark, while viting the Fjellborg community.

 To the right is closeup detail of the stiching paterns. The color is different due to lighting. Then below/left, is more detail onf the under arm and sleave.

 More information on the Vibrog tunic can be found here:
An 11th century linen shirt from Viborg: by By Mytte Fentz..

Fire Striker  Ket posesses a steel fire striker for use against flint, making sparks for fire. The local blacksmith, Lodin made the striker and gifted it to Ket.

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