Fjellborg Vikings

Booking Our Group

  Consider booking Fjellborg Vikings as a fascinating alternative for any number of events. Those could range from...
· Museum Events -
· Scout Meetings -
· Lodge Meetings -
· Viking Feasting and Entertainment -
· Corporate Conventions -
· Weddings, Birthday Parties, Graduations -
· What is on your mind? -

- We can present a full Viking camp with crafter's, combatants, with proper negotiations horses for demonstration of mounted combat or guest riding, for both children or adults.

- We bring a full array of authentically reproduced artifacts available for hands on inspection and demonstration.

- Our crafter's demonstrate skills of daily life ranging from textile arts, blacksmithing, carpentry leatherwork and perhaps even period style cooking.

- Fjellborg Vikings volunteers do we want explanation that we a vulnerable to variable number of volunteers?

Contact us for a discussion about our reasonable gratuity requests with special considerations given to educational foundations: Mailing address:
Fjellborg Vikings
6830 East Iliff Ave.
Denver CO 80224
Call (303) 753-1305
Or e-mail Fjellborg Vikings

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